Feature Design


Photo of the DSC-KW1/KW11

An elegant experience makes shooting fun

Design of the DSC-KW1/KW11 selfie camera
was inspired by bottles of perfume.
Using the camera for self-portraits reveals beauty in every detail,
breathing a little fun into shooting.

An interface that makes
shooting fun

User interface design was also guided by our coffretbijou concept, which compares the camera to an enchanting, elegant perfume bottle. The UI is entirely new and designed especially for selfies. To create it, product and UI designers worked together and thought outside the box of traditional cameras.

Highlights from this collaboration include sparkling animation around detected faces and an elegant shutter tone, to enliven selfie shooting. It’s the first Sony camera to feature this kind of UI design. A frosted glass background lies behind information on the top of the screen. On the bottom, there’s a more vibrant background that is reminiscent of perfume. Transparency, gradation, and other effects simulate qualities of a crystalline perfume bottle on the screen.

Controls for capturing
beautiful selfies

In the interface, graphics are not the only feature tailored to selfies. Flick Touch Shutter was developed to provide easy access to the self-timer and number of shots, as you hold the camera. Menus that spread across the screen were inspired by the bubbles in perfume. To start shooting, simply flick in the direction of the timer countdown in your preferred continuous shooting mode. The self-timer plays a key role for selfies. As it counts down, you can get your expression just right, without worrying about camera shake. On-screen controls are arranged for convenience. Features often used for selfies are easily accessible, such as adjusting skin tone or smoothing, or activating LED illumination. The information displayed is kept to a minimum, so that nothing interferes with straightforward shooting, at any time.

Dedicated design teamwork brings
new ideas to life

Touches such as the shimmering face detection frame and design of the shooting screen reflect in-depth study of selfies and user preferences. Making it happen was only possible because our dedicated team wanted to bring these ideas users would love to life.

Okazawa, designer

A pinch of stardust
for selfie lovers

We want you to see the DSC-KW1/KW11 as more than a selfie camera. This charming camera will bring a little charm to users themselves. That’s why “magic” was central in communication design. Imagine sprinkling a little of this charm on yourself, as you would apply perfume. The world of this camera is where the beautiful magic happens, and it’s what filled the pages of our promotion guide, helping to ensure a consistent image from the moment you discover the camera at a store until you try it yourself.

An enchanting encounter

Much care went into arranging that first pleasant moment when you see the camera in the box. True to the magic of a camera that brings users a touch of beauty, the book-like packaging calls a book of magic to mind. The ribbon and other details lend casual elegance. Once you open it, you’ll find a camera resembling a graceful bottle of perfume. In this way, all the care that went into the camera brings a little beauty into the lives of those who use it.

Bringing the magic of beauty
to users

Imagine sprinkling a little of the camera’s charm on yourself, as you would apply perfume. To welcome you into this enchanting world of the camera, we ensured a consistent image from the moment you discover and purchase it at a store till the moment you use it.

Honda, designer

Designed especially for selfie fans,
the DSC-KW1/KW11 offers a new way
to enjoy shooting.
Look to Sony innovation for more exciting and
satisfying adventures in photography.