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Feature Design

Pure Geometry

Design that links products
and creates interior harmony

Cross-category design brings amazing entertainment to your living room
through the coordinated sights
and sounds of Sony TVs, sound bars, and Blu-ray Disc™ players.
It’s a new perspective that redefines home theater products.

A look united by geometry

Seeking a fresh aesthetic for home theater products that would complement furniture and living rooms – not to mention BRAVIA® TVs – inevitably led to Pure Geometry for sound bars and Blu-ray Disc players. Core qualities were narrowed down, and functions were framed in minimalist, geometric shapes. The resulting products look unified and fit rooms well, despite combining different product categories.

Each essential role – playing audio with presence or displaying images with impact, for example – is matched with the perfect geometric shape and a distinctive finish. In sound bars, these simple geometric forms represent elements that produce superb sound, such as the speakers and amps. In Blu-ray Disc players, they represent elements linked to reading and controlling discs, such as the disc tray and controls. These key features are further set apart by finishes that are matte, glossy, or otherwise distinctive. Consistent details across product categories – such as specific edge curvature for better sound, or a leather-grain finish on certain surfaces – enhances the coherence of systems as a whole.


Clear and solid,
just like
the sound it produces

High audio standards are reflected in the design of the HT-ST9, a premium Hi-Res sound bar. The elongated hexagonal cabinet embodies the unit’s impressive soundstage and presence. Facets on both sides suggest solidity while creating a sleek, graceful appearance. With fewer parallel surfaces, the hexagonal enclosure also offers an acoustic edge over boxy stereo systems. And construction of extruded aluminum enhances both the feeling of solidity and the luxury expected in a premium component.

A leather-grain finish graces the sides. Not only does this match BRAVIA sets well, it’s a reassuring sign of quality on this speaker. A practical, technological benefit of this finish is better Wi-Fi transmission.

HT-CT780 /

Shaped by the practicality
two-way installation

Unmistakable when viewed from the side, the parallelogram formed by these sound bars facilitates both tabletop and wall-mounted installation. Either way, the HT-CT780 and HT-CT380 afford a memorable listening experience. In a product that is often placed in front of TVs, this rhomboid shape keeps the large speakers out of the way of the screen; instead, they’re tilted up at an angle, maintaining a low profile for unobstructed viewing.

When the sound bar is wall-mounted, the shape also saves space while keeping the speaker facing directly outward. Not only does this design offer an optimal listening experience for TV viewing, it helps the bars fit gracefully into any living room.

BDP-S6500 /

Beautiful nested cuboids

Blu-ray Disc players are usually set up next to TVs and speakers. Adopting the ultimately simple form of a rectangular solid strikes an ideal balance next to these other components. In the minimalist styling of the BDP-S6500 and BDP-S5500, each functional unit of the player occupies its own rectangular block on the body. Different finishes distinguish these appealingly simple cuboids, such as brushed metal around the disc tray, a glossy finish by the controls, and a matte finish on the base. Together, they form a beautiful whole. Forms combining simple geometric shapes – in this case, nested cuboids – epitomize Pure Geometry.

Design true to product functions

Pure Geometry design represents much more than superficial styling. The concept is rooted in the product functions themselves. In sound bars, taking an honest approach to acoustically ideal forms brought us closer to geometric shapes. For the best entertainment experience, we sought design that unlocks the full potential of product functions. Sony TVs and home theater products share this aesthetic, so that even different kinds of products complement each other in your living room.

Oikawa, design manager

Cross-category design that strikes a perfect match with your living room as a whole.
You’ll find it in BRAVIA TVs and Sony home theater products.
The sights and sounds merge with your room,
offering immersive entertainment that’s sure to move you.

Note: Available products (models) vary by country and region.