Activities In Japan

Education and awareness about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Sony conducts education, training and lectures in order to deepen understanding about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. We also invite our employees to submit ‘Diversity slogans about human rights’ and present awards for excellent activities.

Awarding activities by excellent business operators

DIVI :Diversity Initiative for Value Innovation

Sony's DIVI employee activities aim to encourage individuals to take a fresh, diversity-focused look at our company from the inside out, in order to identify issues that could be improved or resolved. This will help us to form a more creative and energetic environment in which each employee can continue to demonstrate his or her individuality and capabilities to the fullest extent.

Encouraging women to thrive in the workplace

Measures to encourage female employees to further raise their career ambitions

  • Career Discussion Panel
    To provide a venue in which women can consider their careers through information exchanges with role models and colleagues.
  • Communicate information via the intranet
    Providing different perspectives on careers and work, for senior employees active in a variety of capacities.

Management-oriented Policies

  • Manager Workshops
    These workshops facilitate better communication with employees and an understanding of requirements for employees training.

Policies to help build careers of build careers of working parents and careers

  • Website to support communication with working parents and careers
    Provides advice to support employees who are also dealing with major life events such as caring for children or sick or elderly relatives at home.
  • Events to encourage employee awareness
    Sony periodically holds Work-Life Balance-themed lectures, preparation seminar for maternity leave and conducts group meeting such as the “Working Parent’s Meeting”(foe employees taking or returning from leave to look after children).
  • Work-Life Balance Systems
    For employees who have child care or nursing care responsibilities, Sony provides work-life balance systems such as telework, nursery, and babysitter / child care subsidy to support pursuing their career.

Act on Promotion of Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation

  • Sony Group Corporation's Action Plan

Women Empowerment Law

  • Sony Group Corporation's Action Plan

Promoting employment of people with disabilities

Sony Founder, Masaru Ibuka, once said that "One should hold the belief that persons with disabilities should be treated under the same standards without requiring any special privileges, and still be expected to accomplish work of even better quality than able-bodied persons." We continue to carry this philosophy, and are striving towards "Sony-style employment for people with disabilities that helps these employees feel truly valued, and that gives them a sense of inclusion by taking the focus away from the disability."

Consideration for people with disabilities

Sony acknowledges that people with different disabilities face different challenges, and aims to consider the status of each individual.

Employment training for people with disabilities Employment training for people with disabilities
Customizes desks to suit individual requirements Customizes desks to suit individual requirements

Recruitment of people with disabilities

Sony Group companies hold combined events to actively recruit people with disabilities

Special subsidiary companies

Sony has special subsidiary companies that actively employ ,any people with disabilities :Sony/Taiyo Corporation, Sony Kibou / Hikari Coporation, Sony Life Business Partners Co., Ltd.

LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

Inclusive Personnel programs

Sony has expanded certain personnel programs, (e.g. monetary gifts and leave for bereavement, rent subsidies, and participation in employee family events) to encompass same-sex partners. Sony also has a consultation desk available to LGBTQ+ employees.

LGBTQ+ Internal Trainings

Diversity e-learning course

Sony provides diversity e-learning course to all employees. The course emphasizes the necessity of workplace improvement for all employees including LGBTQ+ and adverse effects of belief and stereotype.

LGBTQ+ events with ally members

LGBTQ+ events are designed to make it easier to state that ally employees are "ally" and to encourage them to think deeply about workplace issues which LGBTQ+ employees frequently face.

  • LGBTQ+ is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, and others.