Diversity Week 2022 held globally with the theme "Allyship in Action"

Diversity Week 2022 held globally with the theme "Allyship in Action"

First held in 2015, Diversity Week celebrated its eighth anniversary in 2022. Diversity Week 2022 featured several diversity-related events, including seminars and lectures around the world under the global theme of "Allyship in Action." Several in-person events were held for the first time in three years.

Yoshida-san's message for Diversity Week 2022

Sony's Purpose is to "fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology." Based on this Purpose, approximately 110,000 employees are driving diverse businesses to create new value to society.
"Diversity" is one of the Values that we cherish within the Sony Group. This represents varying viewpoints, in addition to our diverse businesses, as we believe that harnessing diversity guides us to innovation.

Sony Group has respected diversity and has been engaged in various activities across the group to realize a fair and equitable society. In recent years, we have come together to support communities facing social hardship through the Global Social Justice Fund.

We believe the realization of a fair and equitable society will encourage conversation with people with different viewpoints, which will lead to a sustainable society.

This view is also reflected in the global theme of Diversity Week 2022, "Allyship in Action." This year's theme represents efforts to learn and understand individual differences through dialogue with various stakeholders, including our employees, customers, business partners, and external communities. It also expresses our desire to make "Diversity" our strength even more and lead to new value creation.

Based on this theme, I hope that the events and workshops held during the Diversity Weeks in each region will encourage every one of you to gain new insights and learn.

Events around the world

During the week, various types of events were held in Japan, the United States, and Europe.

Activities in Japan

Several well-attended events were held in person and online during the week. Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation hosted a seminar to encourage fathers to take paternity leave. Freelance announcer Mr. Hiroshi Ikushima gave a lecture featuring the firsthand experiences of Sony Group company employees engaged in bottom-up nursing care activities. Ms. Yoshie Komuro, President of Work-Life Balance Co., Ltd. led an event which discussed work-life balance in an era when people live for a century or longer. In addition, Sony Kibou/Hikari Corporation, established with aim of promoting the social participation of individuals with disabilities and is creating employment know-how, held three events to mark its 20th anniversary this year. The first was an open house introducing the company's business through videos produced by their employees. The second was a workshop where Sony group companies employees create image data with Sony Kibou/Hikari employees , which is one of the essential learning data for AI development. And the last was a lecture, led by a well-known expert, that discussed creating an inclusive workplace. Sony Corporation also held a seminar on unconscious bias for its employees.

In addition, Professor Takashi Saito (School of Arts and Literature, Meiji University), Dr. Miyako Tanaka-Oulevey, Ph.D. OLY (Sport Psychologist/ Mental Coach) and Ms. Chizu Nakamoto (President and COO, RICCI EVERYDAY Inc.) took part as guests in a conversation entitled "The Power of Good Communication." The goal was to explore how we can connect with people whose backgrounds, strengths, and personalities differ from our own, and go on to create new values.

Approximately 3,300 participants from Sony group companies in Japan attended the week's events.

A scene from "The Power of Good Communication"
Ms. Yoshie Komuro, President of Work-Life Balance Co., Ltd.
Evaluation for "The Power of Good Communication"

Activities in the US

Sony group companies in the US offered employees the opportunity to participate in a series of events and activities hosted by Sony Corporation of America, Sony Electronics, Inc., Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Music Group and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Diversity Month events were focused on social justice, racial equity awareness, diversity, inclusion, accessibility and allyship. Events/activities included virtual conversations with Sony executives, cultural heritage celebrations that highlighted food and music with Sony's employee network groups, and interactive bystander intervention trainings that taught participants how to safely intervene when they witness or experience racist or xenophobic harassment.
Through a partnership with the New York International Children's Film Festival (NYICFF), Sony employees and their families around the world were invited to view an exclusive presentation of "Girls' Point-of-View: Science on Screen." These film shorts celebrate the stories of young scientists who are trailblazing creative ways to solve some of the world's biggest challenges while highlighting the profound impact representation can have in encouraging under-represented, female-identifying youth to pursue careers in science and film.
Other events included: Online workshop trainings on Allyship in the Workplace, which empowered employee participants to take action and assist in building a more inclusive work environment; cultural integration events in connection with the National Hispanic / Latinx Heritage Month; and an update on "The Current State of LGBTQIA+," which gave valuable information on current legislation impacting the LGBTQIA+ community in the United States.

Promotion image designed by SIE.
The employees and their families were invited to an exclusive virtual presentation of "Girls' Point-of-View: Science on Screen" by NYICFF
A scene from "Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month Mixer" by Sony Music Group.
Artist, GALE(center) with her mom , manager and SMG staff.
Employees based across Latin America were invited to join Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging circles as they built safe, trusting, and friendly conversation spaces. During these virtual conversations, employees talked about the main challenges facing diversity, equity, and inclusion and how to empower inclusion and belonging. Sessions were hosted in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Activities in Europe

Sony Europe offered employees in Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom a variety of events that focused on and raised awareness of racial equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility and allyship. Sony Europe kicked off Global Diversity Celebrations by holding multiple Allyship in the Workplace virtual trainings that were designed to help employees realize their own privilege and power to create meaningful actions as allies to under-represented communities.
Other highlighted events throughout the month included: A virtual training on "Understanding Pronouns," which explained the importance and encouragement of correct pronoun use within a diverse work environment; a diversity panel discussion with two Paralympic trainers from the ONCE Foundation in Barcelona, Spain; a "Sensory Journey - Dialogue in the Dark" experience in Milan, Italy, which gave employees the opportunity to experience daily life from the viewpoint of someone who is visually impaired; a workshop on German Sign Language from a state-approved lecturer who provided insight into the world of sign language and what it means to be hearing impaired; and a female empowerment workshop in Switzerland that discussed the challenges women face and best practices to enhance self-confidence and assertiveness.
The month concluded with an Accessibility Empathy Lab at the Weybridge office in the United Kingdom, which showcased simulation tools and equipment to give attendees insight into the ways there can be restrictions to senses, such as sight or mobility.

A scene from "Understanding Pronouns"