Refining the user experience, together

Creating valuable experiences is a collaboration between Sony and you, our customers.
Together, we will create new emotional experiences that exceed expectations and imagination.


User experience is an essential aspect of quality at Sony.
In order to gain an accurate understanding of the increasingly diverse needs of customers and to deliver user experiences that meet those needs, Sony has adopted Human-Centered Design (HCD) processes and ensures that its design efforts always take the customer's perspective.

Human-Centered Design Process

Sony is working to improve product usability and create experiences that meet the core needs of customers.
It conducts worldwide user research including home visits and user interviews. These efforts are part of a continuing cycle of issue identification and product improvement, which includes prototyping and usability testing in the upstream stage of design. Employees also conduct long-term usage surveys, including interviews with customers, both before and after product release. In addition, Sony analyzes how customers feel and behave when they use a service, and then works to improve the user experience by sharing customer feedback with relevant personnel.


We promote HCD through quick and efficent user research and testing, initiatives to share the knowledge gained, training personnel to lead customer-focused initiatives, and conducting internal activities to raise awareness.