Sony's corporate activities are only possible within a healthy global environment, so Sony believes it is important to address the environment as a company, such as via countermeasures to climate change, conserving resources, and managing chemical substances. Given this realization, Sony is working toward achieving a sustainable society via its environmentally friendly products and services.

Procurement of Parts and Materials Used in Sony Products

Sony has identified substances contained in the parts or materials of Sony products that have been judged to have a significant impact on the global environment and may harm human health as "Controlled Substances", Sony established its "Management Regulations for Environment-related Substances to Be Controlled which Are Included in Parts and Materials" and clarifies which chemical substances cannot be used or whose use it is working to reduce. Sony introduced its "Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval System" as an operation system for ensuring that suppliers comply with these standards and regulations, and Sony only procures from suppliers who are certified as Green Partners.