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The R&D Center is the research and development
organization within Sony Group Corporation.
We are challenging the creation of next-generation
emotions and social value sustaining
Group’s diverse businesses in electronics,
entertainment, and financial fields.

About R&D Center

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This video depicts the research
activities of the R&D Center
of Sony Group Corporation.



Create new entertainment and convenience,
and change the world.
We are challenging ourselves to create
a better future.


Setting our sights five, even ten years into the future to create new businesses,
we are working across the Sony Group.


Amicable Examples for Informed Source Separation
Naoya Takahashi et al.
IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing
Touch Your Excitement Transcending Distance: Augmenting Non-Sport Fans’ Excitement-Perception and Arousal by Delivering Sport-Fans’ Bio-Signals via Haptic Feedback in Remote-Sport Watching
Shimeng Peng et al.
The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
A 2.6-to-4.1GHz Fractional-N Digital PLL Based on a Time- Mode Arithmetic Unit Achieving -249.4dB FoM and -59dBc Fractional Spurs
Zhong Gao et al.
International Solid-State Circuits Conference


The R&D Center is challenging the creation of next-generation emotions and social value through its own research and development
that co-creates with colleagues with diverse backgrounds from all across the globe.


The R&D Center hires new graduates and mid-careers.
We are looking for people who want to promote research
and development of the worlds most advanced technology
and those full of motivation to open up the future.

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