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The New Possibilities of Film Production Demonstrated by “KILIAN’S GAME”

Jul 4, 2022

“KILIAN’S GAME” is a short film by Sony Group that premiered in April 2022. While it may look like an ordinary suspense drama, it actually makes use of multiple cutting-edge Sony Group technologies. This project goes above and beyond conventional filmmaking to show new possibilities. Please watch “KILIAN’S GAME” and the Behind-the-Scenes video.

“KILIAN’S GAME” Behind the Scenes (BTS) video

Voices of Key Members

Members involved in the production of “KILIAN’S GAME” look back on the project from their individual perspectives.

Voice 01

“KILIAN’S GAME”, a Collaboration between Sony Group and Hollywood exploring Innovative Film Production Technologies

  • Yoshikazu Takashima

    VP Advanced Technology
    Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
    Distinguished Engineer

Voice 02

The Possibilities of Virtual Production Will Revolutionize the Film Production Site

  • Haruyasu Yamazaki

    Advanced Production Dept. 1, Technology Div., Sony PCL Inc.

Voice 03

Bridging the Gap between Creators and Technology

  • Daniel De La Rosa

    Vice President of Post Production Technologies
    Technology Development Team
    Sony Pictures Entertainment

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