Creating realistic experiences in the virtual worldSurgical simulator

Physically photorealistic surgical simulator

Surgery is a physical task that requires difficult decision making, and touch and realistic environment are crucial for training. We developed a surgical simulator which faithfully reproduces changes in the form and feel of the organs and offers realistic experience in virtual space. Users can train their surgical skills while experiencing realistic touch by a real-time physics engine, and realistic depiction of surgical scenes expresses authentic visuals and surgical tasks.

<Development manager>

  • Yohei Kuroda

    R&D Center
    Sony Group Corporation

<Development engineer>

  • Heredia Saul

    R&D Center
    Sony Group Corporation

<Main features>

  • It is the world’s first surgical simulator technology which offers not only visual image but also realistic touch by real-time physics engine
  • Ray-tracing (3DCG technology that tracks lights) creates photorealistic visual.
  • We create simulation models that represents various surgical tasks.

<Future direction>

We will continue to pursue even greater accuracy in recreating tactile sensations and lifelike visuals. By further incorporating Sony’s robotics and imaging & sensing technologies, we aim to create simulations based on surgical data covering a variety of existing health conditions and cases. We hope this will increase the effectiveness of surgeon training and contribute to the overall improvement of surgical skills.
We also hope to apply this technology more broadly, including training in professions requiring skill and experience comparable to those in healthcare, as well as in industries with needs for digital twins.

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