Growth through constant evolution
In an era where all products and data are connected, VISION-S Prototype is also part of the network.
Data is synchronized in real time and the software is repeatedly updated over the network.
Moving from the conventional group of independent systems to a system that has the potential to continue growing in real time,
with the VISION-S Prototype, Sony is pursuing a car that never stops evolving.

Personalized Cabin

The environment inside the car is optimized for each occupant. The ToF camera and driver monitoring camera identify the individual and then recognize the condition of each occupant. For example, if a sleeping person is detected, the car will automatically control the temperature around that seat only, thus providing comfort appropriate for the situation. Additionally, on a daily basis, the car learns personal preferences such as music, cabin temperature, driving settings, and routes. Our cars will continue to evolve into an even more comfortable space while coordinating with actual driving data.


The graphics displayed on the panoramic screen can be completely customized, including meters. A variety of themes have been prepared according to the movie, season, etc., and occupants can create their personalized space to match their preferences. Moreover, UI operation sounds and acceleration/deceleration sounds generated in response to acceleration pedal and brake operation can also be freely selected to match the driver's mood.

5G Connectivity

VISION-S is equipped with 5G network function. As a result, occupants can fully enjoy cloud-based entertainment services that require low latency and wide bandwidth, such as streaming movies, music, and games.
In order to maximize the performance of 5G even in vehicles being driven at high speeds, we are pursuing real-time performance by applying to mobility the technology that Sony has cultivated when developing smartphones.
Through this technology, we will achieve new mobility experiences, highly-automated driving, and remote control.
5G Network


For parts such as seats, door trims, consoles, we use materials with low environmental impact such as bamboo and microfiber partially made from recycled materials.
For our floor mats, we use Triporous™, which is a porous carbon material that is derived from rice husks and was invented by Sony. This is useful for improving the air environment in mobility spaces. We are also exploring ways to provide a sustainable mobility experience for people and society. In addition to creating system to increase safety, efficiency, and added value in mobility, we will propose new value to the way of mobility through services that enable people to contribute to the environment and society while enjoying entertainment experience during transportation. Furthermore, EV batteries can play an important role in the effective use of renewable energy. We will contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society by incorporating VISION-S as an element of local microgrid.

This content and the prototype vehicle are intended to illustrate our future concepts in the area of mobility.
Permission required by law was obtained prior to conducting tests on public roads.

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