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May 2021

VISION-S | Development Progress in Frankfurt

Sony has started conducting VISION-S Prototype driving tests in Frankfurt, Germany to achieve high-quality road performance, which is essential to complete the vehicle’s goal of offering deeply inspirational experience on wheels. Development will focus on leveraging the acceleration performance and quietness of electric vehicles. Sony will also pursue creation of a comfortable cabin space while ensuring stable driving at high speeds in various conditions.

April 21th 2021

5G driving test of VISION-S Prototype

In April 2021, the Sony Group Corporation and Vodafone Germany began VISION-S Prototype 5G driving tests on a test course in Aldenhoven, Germany.
Toward the realization of highly autonomous driving and the creation of new values for cabin space, Sony will conduct driving tests to verify the possibility of low-delay transmission of various sensor data acquired from the vehicle to the cloud, and real-time control from the cloud to the vehicle, and proceed verification and development for optimization of the communication environment even in vehicles running at high speed.

January 11th 2021

"VISION-S" Introduced the progress of development at CES 2021

On January 11th at CES 2021, Sony announced VISION-S development activity has reached the next stage.
While continuing to advance vehicle development for safety and security, entertainment and adaptability, public road testing commenced in Austria in December 2020 for technical evaluation.

January 11th 2021

Public Road Testing in Europe

Towards mobility evolution, VISION-S has reached the next stage. Public road testing commenced in Austria with Sony and partners to evaluate safety and Sony technologies.

January 11th 2021

Towards Contribution to the Evolution of Mobility

What is VISION-S aiming for? Aspirations of Sony, and the development partners joining force. Participating members talk about the future of VISION-S.

October 8th 2020

VISION-S Prototype received Red Dot

Best of the Best in Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2020.

October 1st 2020

VISION-S Prototype received Good Design Award 2020

VISION-S Prototype was selected as Good Design Best 100.

September 2020

VISION-S Prototype Design Story

How Sony's foray into mobility became a pursuit of "reality"

July 2020

Arrived in Tokyo for development

VISION-S Prototype has arrived in Tokyo for advancing our sensing and audio technologies.
The prototype vehicle is also currently under development for public road testing this fiscal year.

January 2020

Back at the engineering facility in Graz

After CES 2020, the prototype model was transported from Las Vegas to the development center in Graz, Austria, where joint development efforts are under way together with partner companies such as Magna Steyr to prepare the prototype for test drives on public roads during FY2020.

January 7th 2020 - January 10th 2020

"VISION-S" Unveiled at CES 2020 in Las Vegas

On January 7 at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US, Sony announced its pursuit of safety, comfort, and entertainment in mobility with the new VISION-S. The first prototype vehicle of "VISION-S" was showcased at the Sony booth.

This content and prototype vehicle are intended to illustrate our future concepts in the area of mobility.

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