Toward an even more comfortable and thrilling space
With the spread of 5G and the sophistication of autonomous driving,
mobility spaces in the future will become a relaxing place like a living room.
Prior to such evolution, we will implement an AV environment that maximizes the closed cabin space inside the car.
A sense of realism will envelop all the occupants. Even familiar music and movies will be the source of new thrills. Additionally,
the stress-free operation feeling was designed based on ergonomics,
and there is a sense of unity as if talking face-to-face even while sitting faced in the direction of travel.
These features further deepen the relaxation felt by occupants.

360 Reality Audio

So immersive. So real.

With the newly designed audio system, vehicle occupants can experience an immersive, three-dimensional sound field in the car that envelops them in sound from all directions, which is made possible by 360 Reality Audio. Utilizing Sony's object-based spatial audio technology, the artist can freely place sound in a 360-degree global sphere, providing listeners with an intense, immersive experience of the music just as intended by the artist.

Panoramic Screen

The panoramic screen that fills the width of the car makes it possible to indulge in video content such as movies and games during daily travel time from place to place. In addition, the UI is designed based on ergonomics, with features consolidated into a horizontal format and consideration given to the driver's line of sight movement. The UI is also extremely intuitive, allowing the driver and passengers to freely access the content.
Panoramic Screen

Premium Entertainment

Music, video, and even full-scale video games. The system supports various streaming services and so that occupants can fully enjoy various forms of entertainment in the car. Combined with the immersive feeling of 360 Reality Audio, this system transforms boring travel time into an exciting and luxurious experience.

Rear Seat Entertainment

Screens are also installed for rear seats. Each occupant can enjoy individual entertainment, or the same content can be synchronized on the three screens so that everyone can enjoy watching together as if they were watching TV at home.
Rear Seat Entertainment

Various Control System

The L-Swipe gesture lets you pass the display screen to the next display with a quick swipe of the screen in the shape of an L. The driver and front passenger can be linked horizontally, just as the rear seat screen can be easily operated from the front seat. In addition to the touchscreen, a variety of input styles are available, including jog dials and DualShock, which are accessible even when the seat is reclined. Our goal is to create the next generation of interaction, enabling a fully intuitive experience through which the vehicle occupant can interact naturally with the surrounding environment, including other passengers and the vehicle itself.
Haptic Touch Screen
Haptic Touch Screen
Dial Knob
Wireless controller(DUALSHOCK®4)
Wireless controller(DUALSHOCK®4)

Voice Assistant

Equipped with a voice assistant function in order to achieve an intuitive interface. Occupants can perform various voice commands such as searching for a destination, setting a route, and playing a song.

This content and the prototype vehicle are intended to illustrate our future concepts in the area of mobility.
Permission required by law was obtained prior to conducting tests on public roads.

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