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Management Approach

Basic Approach

Sony conducts research and development based on its Purpose, which is to "fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology" and management direction, "getting closer to people," incorporating the viewpoint of getting closer to the motivations that drive people, including both users and creators. For Sony to continue creating new value as products, content and services are becoming increasingly digital, it is essential to empower diverse businesses through technology.
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Through Corporate R&D (Sony's research and development organization) , Sony is realizing contributions to the entire Sony Group, setting the direction for robust technological development over the mid- to long-term, and enhancing open innovation. While supporting R&D activities in each business, Sony is connecting multiple businesses through technology as well as promoting initiatives in fields such as sensing, agent processing and output expression that contribute to differentiation in key areas. In carrying out Corporate R&D activities mainly focused on the next three-to-ten years, Sony shares the results of its research with the outside world as intellectual property, and then uses feedback from outside the company on that research to refine its development roadmap and periodically review how its R&D activities are aligned with its corporate strategy. From the standpoint of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) , Sony also aims to contribute widely to society through technology, by delivering safety and security and by solving problems surrounding resources and the environment.

Sony carries out Corporate R&D activities in collaboration with multiple R&D centers in Japan, China, Europe and the United States, utilizing the different characteristics and strengths of each area. Additionally, Sony is proceeding with preparations to establish a new R&D center in India in an effort to strengthen its R&D presence overseas, and is also enhancing ease of movement for management and personnel between each R&D center and strengthening its R&D from more diverse perspectives. For cross-sectional projects such as those in the Entertainment and Financial Services areas, Sony assembles teams with members from various organizations to promote R&D activities through the flexible and efficient collection of knowledge. Sony is also proactively taking part in open innovation, including collaboration with universities and other research institutions, in an effort to gain insight into the motivations of creators and users from a wider perspective to enhance the potential of its business.
Sony also established the research subsidiary, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., to conduct R&D that contributes to humanity and society by pioneering new research areas and new businesses. Moreover, Sony has specific mechanisms in place for generating innovation, including the Sony Startup Acceleration Program (SSAP) , which creates startup projects and supports their business operations, and the Sony Innovation Fund, which serves as a corporate venture capital fund.

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