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Application Qualifications (Spring Recruitment)

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※Applications for FY2022 New Graduate Spring Recruitment are no longer accepted

Job listings Sony Group Corporation / Sony Corporation / Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation
Business Overview Sony Group Corporation : Business portfolio management and capital allocation based on it, value creation through group synergies and business incubation, and investment in human resources and technologies that form the basis for innovation.
Sony Corporation : Development, production, and sales of electronics-related products and services related to mobile communication, imaging products and solutions, and home entertainment and sound.
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation : Research, development, manufacturing, and sales of semiconductor related products and electronic/electric equipment, as well as other associated businesses.
Application Qualifications * ・People who expect to graduate from university, graduate school, or technical college by the end of March 2023.
・People who will have graduated from their highest level of education less than three years ago as April 2023.
Eligible Faculties * All faculties and departments
Job Types * Course-specific recruitment in technical and administrative fields
Recruitment Courses
Type of Employment * General Employment Contract (Full-time Employee)
Salary * Master's degree: Starting salary 285,000 yen or more (monthly)
Bachelor's degree: Starting salary of 255,000 yen or more (monthly)
* A commuting allowance is provided separately.
(Based on actual data as of July 2021.)
Bonuses * Twice a year
Salary Review * Under the Job Grade system, compensation is reviewed based on the individual's roles and performance, not seniority.
It will also be revised on an ad hoc basis if there is a significant change in roles.
Work Locations Sony Group Corporation : Sony City, Sony City Osaki, Atsugi Technology Center
Sony Corporation : Sony City, Sony City Osaki, Sony City Minato-mirai, Atsugi Technology Center, Gotenyama Technology Center, Shonani Technology Center,Shinagawa Seaside Business Center, Ariake Business Center
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation : Sony City, Atsugi Technology Center, Osaka Office
Others: Domestic and Overseas Offices
Access & Map
Working Hours * 7 hours and 45 minutes (Standard work time: 9:00-17:30)
A monthly flextime system is available that lets employees choose their work start/end times based on a core time of 9:30 to 15:30.
Holidays and Leave * Company holidays (125 days in 2021): System of two days off for weeks with five work days (Saturday and Sunday), national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, all summer holidays, and personal holidays (consecutive holidays that can be set individually).
Annual paid leave (17 days in the first year, up to 24 days),and other special leave(wedding vacation, bereavement leave, childcare leave, leave that can be used for nursing care or infertility treatment, etc.)
Benefits * Full social security benefits (health insurance, employees' pension program, unemployment insurance, workers' accident insurance); asset-accumulation savings plan; employees' shareholder association; dormitories for single employees, etc.
Employees can select benefits from a large number of programs as they see fit, according to their individual lifestyles.
Office Environment * For information on our passive smoking measures, click here: Status of measures for preventing passive smoking in Sony Group companies.
Other Programs * In addition to various childcare-related programs, other available programs include nursing care and infertility treatment leave, volunteer leave, and flexible career leave for studying abroad and accompanying spouses posted overseas.
We've structured the work system flexibly to provide an environment that meets a diverse array of lifestyles.
  • *same as Sony Group Corporation, Sony Corporation, and Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Personal interviews -Earnestly meeting people one-to-one

Interviews are Sony's opportunity to really get to know you as individuals, and your opportunity to really get to know Sony. We want them to be opportunities to earnestly meet each and every one of you one-to-one. This is why Sony conducts personal interviews.

Job hunting ≠ a suit - Plain-clothes interviews

Sony encourages candidates to wear casual attire when they participate in recruitment events and interviews. We want you to feel relaxed, be yourselves, and express your ideas as your normally do. You can come in a suit if you wish of course, but we'd prefer you to come in normal clothes so you can convey what you're really thinking.