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    Republic of Mali

    country information
    Capital Bamako
    Population 15.36 million
    Area 1,240,192km2
    Official Languages French, tribal languages
    Major industry Mining, agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries
    Under-five mortality 120/1,000
    Population with access to improved water sources 56%
    Average life expectancy 51 years old
    Gross National Income (GNI) per capita USD 600
    Population living on less than USD 1.25 per day 51%
    Literacy rate 26%
    Child labor Unknown
    Mali Map

    Data as of 2012, UNICEF

    Mali workshop report

    Mali has ratified a number of international laws relating to the protection of children's rights. However, there is still much work to be done, according to "The National Survey on Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Rights of the Child and Women in Mali," which was conducted in 2009 by the Ministry for the Promotion of Women, Children and Family.
    The survey results showed that six in 10 children were unaware of their rights and that nine in 10 children were unaware of the presence of laws and regulations concerning their rights.

    Under these circumstances, the EYE SEE Workshop in Mali was held with children’s rights as its theme. It provided a valuable opportunity for children to express themselves through the camera lens about their own rights, freedom and social inequality.

    (Implementation of the workshop : 2011)

    Find the pictures taken by children

    The Photographers (name, age)

    Abdoulaye Cissé 11
    Awa Coulibaly 17
    Bintou Dembélé 16
    Maladon Keita 10
    Mariam Tounkara 16
    Minata Sissoko 16
    Rokiatou Guindo 14
    Amadou Keita 15
    Balkissa Souaré 18
    Emmanuel Sanogo 14
    Awa Sekou Coulibaly 16
    Kadiatou Koné 13
    Nana Traoré 16
    Penda Coulibaly 16
    Salimata Samaké 16
    Koritim Djiré 16
    Mamadou Coulibaly 16
    Rokia Keita 16
    Salimatou Diarra 14
    Souleymane Bagayoko 11
    Zoumana Diallo 16

    All images ©UNICEF/G.Pirozzi