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    Republic of Tunisia

    country information
    Capital Tunis
    Population 10.78 million
    Area 163,610km2
    Official Languages Arabic
    Major industry Agriculture, phosphates, tourism
    Under-five mortality 19/1,000
    Population with access to improved water sources 96%
    Average life expectancy 75years old
    Gross National Income (GNI) per capita USD 9,600
    Population living on less than USD 1.25 per day 1.4%
    Literacy rate Males 83.4% Females 65.3%
    Child labor 2.6%
    Tunisia Map

    Data as of 2012, UNICEF

    Tunisia workshop report

    EYE SEE Workshop in Tunisia was held to contribute to securing children's rights and empower vulnerable children to express themselves at a critical time when a new order was about to be created after the Jasmine Revolution that swept through the country in 2010-2011.

    (Implementation of the workshop : 2012)

    Find the pictures taken by children

    The Photographers


    Le Kef

    Arithi Cheher
    Bakouch Sabrine
    Boumnijel Ghazi
    Thwabetia Ahlem

    Chamai Imen
    Chebi Raed
    Cherni Younès

    Chlihi Ahmed
    Jedidi Nidhal
    Manai Hani

    Manai Sami
    Moillia Mohamed
    Rhaoulia Samar

    Rhimi Iihen
    Rhimi Iihen
    Sehli Hana



    Abdellaoui Ahmed
    Aloui Kayess
    Aloui Zidane
    Bakhouch Salim
    Yahyaoui Emna

    Bouhlali Reham
    Dabbabi Rabie
    Ferjani Imen
    Ferjani Marwen

    Guesmi Slim
    Hamzaoui Abir
    Katmi Issam
    Khadraoui Ghassen

    Khalki Imen
    Kortli Hassen
    Kroumi Mohamed
    Marakchi Amir

    Mesbahi Donia
    Neily Ghayssen
    Rabhi Seïf
    Salami Chaima