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South Africa


    Republic of South Africa

    country information
    Capital Pretoria
    Population 50,110,000
    Area 1,220,000km2
    Official Languages 11 languages such as Afrikaans, English, Zulu, Shotho
    Major industry Agriculture (corn, wheat, etc.), Mining
    Under-five mortality 62/1,000
    Population with access to improved water sources 91%
    Average life expectancy 52 years old
    Gross National Income (GNI) per capita USD 5,770
    Population living on less than USD 1.25 per day 26%
    Literacy rate 89%
    Child labor Unknown

    Data as of 2009, UNICEF

    South Africa workshop report

    The South African Department of Education organizes more than 2,000 Girls and Boys Education Movement (GEM/BEM) clubs, where youth who will assume leadership roles tomorrow engage in school-based activities today to tackle the various problems faced by their communities. "EYE SEE V" was held with 18 club members of various backgrounds, from farming villages to cities. The workshop's theme was climate change, reflecting the increasing global attention directed to its impact amid UNICEF Children's Climate Forum 2009 in Copenhagen,

    With digital cameras in hand, the participants divided into groups and set out to various locations. They examined and recorded their country's issues like smog and waste due to urbanization and the many trees that are cut down for lack of other fuel resources, Then, they sought solutions to those problems, exploring recycling, energy conservation and wind power generation as a means for sustainable development.
    "Each of us is affected by climate change. That's why I want to bring changes to my country," says Isaac, "I'll set up meetings to discuss and share our views on what young people can do about the climate," says Bridget. "I'm going to make art from rubbish that pollutes the soil. We could make money from it," says Pride. All participants drew on their experience from the workshop and presented specific ideas on the actions they could take to change their society.

    (Implementation of the workshop : 2009)

    All images ©UNICEF/G.Pirozzi

    Find the pictures taken by children

    The Photographers (name, age)

    Thabang Chakale 19
    Beaurice Neo Tladi 16
    Isaac Monse 18
    Daisy Molindeni 19
    Lebogang Leping 17
    Malebo Joyce Tjale 16
    Albert Teffo 15
    Typhina 18
    Bridget Mphahlele 17
    Roxanne Ferreira 17
    Zwalekhe Nelson
    Kanyile 19
    Thando Mfumbatha 19
    Mike Mooketsi 19
    Pride Hleziphi Ndhlovu
    Thlogi 17
    Kearabiloe Kea Nare 18
    Thandeka Dlamini 18
    Daniel Matabane 19

    All images ©UNICEF/G.Pirozzi