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    Kingdom of the Netherlands

    country information
    Capital Amsterdam
    Population 16.75 million
    Area 37,354km2
    Refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons, returnees (refugees and IDPs), stateless persons, and others of concern to UNHCR in Netherlands
    Total refugees and people in refugee-like Situations 82,494
    Asylum-seekers (pending cases) 6,940
    Persons under UNHCR's statelessness mandate 1,951
    Total population of concern 91,385
    Kingdom of the Netherlands Map

    Source: UNHCR Global Trends 2014/UN DATE

    Netherlands workshop report

    The participants in the 19th EYE SEE Workshop were 24 children of asylum-seekers who had escaped from countries like Syria, Somalia, Sri Lanka and Russia, now living in the province of Limburg in the southern part of the Netherlands.

    These images ©UNICEF/G.Pirozzi

    There are said to be over 60,000,000 people in the world today, such as refugees, who have been driven out of their homes and countries, and the number of those fleeing disaster areas is growing at the rate of several thousand per day. These people lost their homes due to wars or persecution, and previously children too were going to school, playing with their friends, and enjoying time with their families. The children did not choose to be refugees, but because they suddenly had their living environment taken away from them, they had no choice but to cross the seas to find a safe place.

    "I want to keep a photographic diary every day for my family when I get back together with them" "I take pictures of buildings in the Netherlands because I want to be architects when I go home to my country", said Mohammed Bko, 15 years old, participated the workshop.

    These images ©UNICEF/G.Pirozzi

    In the 5-day workshop, the children take pictures of their daily life and play in the asylum-seeker center where they are living, from their own viewpoint. As many of them were separated from their families, another theme was self-portraits taken together with the people they are living with, which they sent to their family and friends as an expression of their love and sincerity.

    One of the participant said, "I like these self-portraits because all my brothers are together"

    The children's works show their insecurity and hope for the future.

    (Implementation of the workshop : 2015)

    Find the pictures taken by children

    The Photographers (name, age)

    Amjad Jimo 12
    Angelina Karaber 13
    Fartun Abdulkadir12
    Rawia Abdulrahman 13
    Mohamad Alolayes 15
    Maleyka Heydarova 10
    Mohanad Mahmoud 16
    Mayada Alali 15
    Sara Attalla 11
    Sdra Mergan 14
    Hassan Mohammad Saleh 13
    Siromi Sthanislos 15
    Haneen Alsafar 13
    Mohamad Maho 10
    Hegnar 1diranian 18
    Ibrahim Alrefia 12
    Sidra Bko 12
    Najah Mojarkesh 12
    Tala Mahayni 12
    Joana Zaher 9
    Maher Zaher 10
    Mohamed Farhat 12
    Mona Alali 17
    Mohammed Bko 15
    Aroussi Dikranian 16

    All images ©UNICEF/G.Pirozzi